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Example SWOT Analysis - UMASS - AMHERST University Online Program


- Flexibility

UMASS offers flexible online degree and certificate programs both graduate and masters through satellite campuses. These campuses have a platform which allows easy completion of courses and programs.

- Convenience

UMASS offers about100 programs both Degree and Certificate and above 1,500 Courses through learning and support on a 24 hour basis.

- World-Class Faculty

UMASS online programs are offered by world class faculty which work face to face with the students through campuses satellite platforms.

SWOT Analysis

- Cutting Edge Curriculum

UMASS online programs offer a cutting edge curriculum that enhances students prowess to succeed in their courses and programs. In addition, the curriculum fits the needs of professional fields.


- Decentralization

The leadership of UMASS online programs is overly decentralized where policies, directions as well as budgeting occur at the departmental/faculty level. This leads to competition of resources weakening collaboration across disciplines and creating resistance to changing incentives.

- Lack of Infrastructure

UMASS online programs lack infrastructural support which crucial for their success.


- Assessment

UMASS is not good at measuring the market demand for its online programs as well as responding proactively to the demands. In this regard, the online programs may fail to satisfy the needs of potential students.

- Competition

UMASS faces high competition for its online programs. Some institutions offer low-cost, low-quality programs which might attract students requiring easy and quick credentialing.


- Quick Response

UMASS should respond highly to the pressures of assessments and accreditation. This would create a culture of improvement in applying rigorous performance standards and achievement.

- Differentiation

UMASS should differentiate its online programs from low cost, low quality or profit for programs which are temporal based. Rather, UMASS should provide quality online programs on the long run.


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