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Statement of Intent (Masters of Business School)

University of Graduate Studies Online
School of Business

Dear Admissions Committee,

Completing an online Masters of Business degree at the University of Graduate, will provide me the opportunity to learn skills in marketing, finance, communication, and leadership. These skills are vital to a successful business career. After I graduate, I plan to use each of these skill areas in my career. My first goal is to be a business manager. These skills will allow me to be successful as a business manager and will also give me a solid background of which to continue to add to. As l gain more experience, I plan to eventually become a business owner. The insight of the professors will give me the knowledge I need to both run and own a business. My research has indicated that the University of Graduate's business program provides students with opportunities to apply what they are taught to case studies and authentic business situations. This will allow me to plan my future business endeavors while still in school. Getting professor feedback on my thoughts and ideas will be of great benefit to my future career. Overall, the University of Graduate's business program will provide me with what I need to graduate and move onto a successful business career.

Statement of Intent Essay

Discuss why you are interested in becoming a UG Online student and how it will influence your professional career path.

I learned about the Masters of Business program offered by the University of Graduate online through my intense research for high quality online business programs. I am especially impressed with the opportunities and challenges that your university provides within your business program. Your program will influence my professional career path, by providing me with the authentic experience and background necessary to apply my education directly to my every day work. Graduate study at the University of Graduate will allow me to refine my current knowledge and skills as well as provide an expansion of my academic pursuits. In addition, a degree from an acclaimed university would be a major footstep towards attaining my career goal as a successful business manager. I believe that the challenges in terms of learning both business theory and practical applications that the university focuses on within their business program will give me the well-rounded knowledge that is required for a successful business career. The online opportunity your university provides will allow me to learn on my own and both share and gain knowledge from professors and students, which will be both worthwhile and advantageous when it comes to professional communication within my business career.

Thank you for your consideration.


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