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Student Development: Proper Research and Writing

The aptitude to appropriately carry out research and write findings is a fundamental requirement for success in graduate studies. Therefore, it is exceedingly necessary for students to sharpen their proficiency in academic research alongside writing, as it is crucial for their academic success. Accordingly, there are numerous approaches for honing the skills of students that will be discussed. Nonetheless, it is significant to highlight that regular practice is vital for students in perfecting their proficiency in research as well as writing.

Foremost, the need to engage students in the development of literature reviews at the preliminary phases of research is critical. A literature review is a report assessing pertinent text in the chosen area of research. The procedure engrosses establishing and developing harmonious relationships between the research topic and the available literature. That will accustom the students with preceding research work, appropriate research methodology, and gaps in prior study for upcoming research work. The significance of conducting a literature review of the study topic is that it assists the students in developing critical thinking because it involves a decisive analysis of preceding research work.

Further, another handy tactic is introducing the students to the practice of developing mind maps. Correspondingly, a mind map assists them in organizing and connecting essential ideas or concepts concerning the particular study. Mastering the aptitude to develop a mind map also aids them in the articulation of concepts or ideas vital for research in addition to developing a systematic strategy to writing. Below is an example of a mind map.

Write and Research

Additionally, for students to become proficient researchers and writers, the knowledge regarding research tools, for instance, search engines (Online Thesaurus, Google, Bing, Answers, and so on) alongside subject area database is crucial. The sources will assist the students in attaining the vital information for organizing the literature review properly. At the time of searching for the information for research writing or literature review, it is essential for one to come up with a search approach with specific keywords derived from the topic under investigation. Besides, it is also important to keep precise records of searches conducted for easy recovery afterward.

Moreover, during research, it is recommended first to develop a draft outline detailing all the sections and subsections to be incorporated in the paper. The process of writing can then begin utilizing available data organized following related sections highlighted in the draft outline. What is more, use of appropriate writing checklist, for instance, Grammarly, will enhance research writing for a student. That will assist them in organizing their work and ascertain that all significant sections of the study are incorporated in the write-up.

Finally, after writing the paper, the student should read the task sheet again to be confident that he or she comprehends what is needed and that the paper meets the necessities as denoted by the teacher. Then, they should proofread the final paper carefully for duplicated or missing words, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, or wording. Ideally, the students should ensure that the final paper is attractive and clean. The paper should be ready a day before the deadline as it gives the student peace of mind as well as an opportunity to triple check.

Conclusively, it is important to highlight that encouraging students to utilize knowledge bases, for instance, Online Thesaurus, Google, Answers, and writing checklists for their research as well as writing will contribute in significant measures to the growth of their research alongside writing proficiency. Similarly, involving them in literature review writing at the preliminary stages of the study will sharpen their skills in addition to availing them with the apposite theoretical basis for research writing. Finally, persistent practice on their part is needed to perfect their research together with writing proficiency.


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