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Marketing and Advertising in the Mobile Communication Era

The world of marketing and communication keeps on changing at a very rapid pace. First the Internet radically changed how businesses and individuals communicate, with websites, videos and podcasts. Now, mobile is now introducing another whole platform for content marketing and advertising. The publication Mobile Marketer by Bango Analytics is an advertising piece, and much of it is promotional, but it demonstrates the growing use of the mobile platform, how marketers need to become well-versed in this new type of advertising and the best ways to use it most effectively.

As Sarah Keefe notes in her article, the world of mobile can appear daunting to marketer, but it must be recognized as a means to be more precise on how ads are delivered to the target market and measured for success. Patrick Vogt adds explains how technology advances will be completely changing the way companies advertise. The mobile experience will become more compelling with 3D and interactive video and alert functionality that notifies users on an opt-in basis of new opportunities. Real-time geo-targeting will allow marketers to predict the consumer's location and deliver timely information. Ad supported mobile content will give marketers the ability to combine mobile content with their branding on TV, print and the Internet. Mobile widgets, small, singularly focused downloadable applications, will deliver information and entertainment.

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Rob Lawson adds that marketing vehicles, such as banners and text to win programs, will not work as effectively as possible without mobile. Looking at the best way to use this platform, he suggests that it is necessary to find a medium that leverages communication-based behavior, versus search, entertainment and shopping. Plus, this communication needs to relate to where the person is at the time and where he/she plans on going next. Advertising needs to leverage the consumer's interest in communicating with friends and enhance location-based information.

Meeting this goal, adds Michael Weaver, depends on knowing more about the mobile users. Only by understanding the content consumers are viewing can advertisers effectively target mobile advertising. To do so, they need to work hand-in-hand with content publishers' management systems. Mobile is just one aspect of content marketing; it must integrate with the other content or lose its effectiveness. In addition, marketers need to learn from their campaigns about what is or is not effective. For example, instead of trying to determine which design or ad text copy will be the best for the mobile target market, it is better to run small-scale tests to see which creative clicks best. Then, change that creative every two weeks to keep it fresh and personalize it as much as possible. Matt Blumberg explains how email can be another effective mobile tool, as long as it is designed specifically for the mobile devices and geared directly towards its audience. As Mark Hyland remarks, "As a result, the onus will be on content providers to rethink their content and advertising for wireless devices to fit the mobile consumer experience, rather than taking a 'shrink-wrap' approach to content originally designed for the Internet or traditional media."

Putting aside the advertising pitch of this publication, its main message is that mobile is growing fast and becoming an important advertising tool. However, according to research done by Mobisix, 69 percent of brands are not confident in their mobile strategies today. Only 14 percent are very confident about their brand's strategy to integrate mobile into their marketing plans. Bottom line: Marketers need to get a handle on how they will use mobile most effectively by integrating it into the rest of their content marketing. Mobile is no different from any other form of print and digital advertising: To be heard, companies need to clearly define their target market and then personalize their message to this audience.