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An Example Letter of Intent (Admissions Paper to College of Nursing)

A fervent believer that effective nursing is inextricably bound to fostering and strengthening the connection between body, mind, and spirit, I am beyond thrilled to have found a University that integrates spirituality into the healthcare curriculum. Both my academic as well as professional history in the field of midwifery have afforded me the recognition that a healthy body, in essence, does not exist independent of a healthy spirit. By extension, a crucial dimension of my personal nursing career will be ensuring that not only the patient's spirit is nurtured, but also that my own spirit is consistently whole.

Nursing School Admissions

Currently a student of Newton Bridge College, I have continued to build upon the firm, educational foundation which I received from Human University in Canada; there, I earned a Bachelor's degree in midwifery and realized how genuinely beautiful, and indeed wholly spiritual, the process of pregnancy and childbirth can be. Since then, I have worked in hospitals in both Canada as well as the United States and have continued to witness the truly holistic nature of human health.

In applying to Concordia University, my sincerest hope is that I will be able to experience a curriculum that exudes the belief in the body-mind-spirit connection as much as I hope to further that belief within my professional future. Deeply committed to the Christian perspective of healthcare, I am a firm believer in how social responsibility is a vital aspect of contemporary nursing; thus, my future goals largely surround volunteer work and charitable, healthcare behaviors.

Specifically, I hold broad aims of community programming that brings attention to how at-risk populations can counter the potential for contracting disease. What I hope to gain from Concordia University is a greater understanding of community nursing with specific regard to women, children, and socioeconomically challenged populations. Following graduation, I hope to actively seek out grants for community programming that can support the goals for the government's Healthy People initiatives.

During my career as a midwife, I have seen many babies come into the world, embodying both pure innocence as well as endless potential. I have experienced how integral a nurse is during those first moments in the mother-child relationship, as a steadfast presence in the midst of tumultuously beautiful emotion. In essence, the moment a child comes into the world is the moment in which I know, with every ounce of my being, that I was born to be a nurse; I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Heartened am I to have found a program that does not extricate physical health from spiritual health. A strong body and a strong spirit have a symbiotic relationship with one another. By extension, a nurse cannot foster physical health without that of the spirit. From Concordia University I hope to build upon what I have learned thus far and develop new ways in which to instill spirituality into my future as a nursing professional. Confident am I that nursing is my path, and grateful am I that Concordia University can help me realize my goals.