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Learning Process / Focus / Research Ideas - Improving Essay Writing through Practice

The Learning Process

When a student makes the decision to further their education, it is of importance for the professor to find ways that will assist the student in the learning process. With each successful step toward learning, the student becomes more engaged and open to learning more information. The learning process is of great importance to the success of the student.

Practice Learning Process

Two important subjects that are of benefit to a student are research and writing skills. A Pew Research Center survey revealed that good writing skills are of importance in the professional business world. Many organizations have research and development departments that require employees to perform research and to put the results of the research in writing. These two skills are used within the academic arena within most classes that are required to complete a degree. This paper will discuss best ways for students to learn proper research and writing skills which include learning how to focus, connect ideas, and practice.


The subject of focus is sometimes misunderstood when viewing the learning process. Focus involves paying strict attention to something or centering attention on something. When learning proper research and writing skills; there is the need to use time management. Setting aside time to focus on research skills including research problems, critical thinking, knowledge of the field being researched, and the review process enables the student to view each process individually thereby having the ability become effective in each process.

The same focus must be given to the writing process. Learning how to prepare an outline of the ideas that will be used to write, the introduction, body, and conclusion of the work and doing a final review of the information for accuracy, clarity and correct spelling enable the student to learn how to become a more effective writer. Focus requires avoiding distractions while increasing the ability to think and to be creative while concentrating. The quality of the work performed will be of excellence and will continue to improve with practice.

Connecting Ideas

The process of connecting ideas allows the student to learn based on what works for the individual. Making a journal of information taught in the class and jotting down ideas that come to mind will aid the student in remembering what was taught and how to use that knowledge effectively. When writing academically, it is important to ensure that ideas are written clearly and uniformly so that the reader comprehends what the writer is saying. Whether writing information gained from the research process or about a book review or the dissertation, specific phrases and words assist in connecting the thoughts or arguments that the writer desires to share. The connecting of ideas is an ongoing process that enables continuously improved writing skills over time.


Research and writing skills are of importance to students because these are two components used in the field of academia and the professional arena. Organizations need employees who can perform research that will aid in the solutions to problems. The results of performed research must be written clearly and concisely. In the field of academia, students are required to perform research and write about that research and other subjects to reveal knowledge gained.

Best ways for students to learn proper research and writing skills include learning how to focus on information taught in the class, connecting ideas logically and practicing research and writing techniques continuously. These techniques assist the student in becoming more effective in the research and writing processes.