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Benefits and Drawbacks of Working as a Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is a person who writes for different companies or persons in specific areas assigned by these companies and he/she is either paid a frequent flat rate or is paid per the work submitted by the company or person they write for. Many a times a freelance writer will have the flexibility to choose the articles they want to write. There are many companies that require freelance services ranging from web content creators, resume writers, academic writers, e-book writers to mention but a few (Farlex).

The past ten years have seen the growth of Internet users and in turn growth in the number of companies that offer freelance services (McLuhan). Any person who is interested in doing freelance writing services can now apply for positions on line irrespective of their physical location. This means that there has been an exponential growth in the number of freelance writers in the world who do this work either permanently or on part time basis.

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Freelance writers are faced with many opportunities which they can utilize (Adams). First and foremost, the number of people requiring their services has increased drastically and as a result as long as they can produce quality articles, they will always have jobs to do. They only write articles in interested topics therefore they are able to do only what they like as opposed to office jobs where one has to do a job irrespective of whether they like it or not.

Freelance writers have a flexible schedule and do not have to follow a specific timetable to do their work. Different people have different concentration times and as a freelance writer, one is able to establish the best time when their mind works better and focus all their energies at that time to do their freelance work. This leads to an increase in the quality of the output. This flexibility also means that freelancers work only when they want and when they have their own self motivation. Most people have a busy lifestyle and thus being talented writers can venture into freelance writing as they continue living their busy life. This can be a good job for people who are trying to raise a family and only have very few free hours in a day. They are able to plan their time well and schedule personal appointments with some hours to do freelance writing.

Freelancers are their own bosses. This means as a freelancer writer, once one accepts a job they are able to plan their time well in order to meet their deadlines in time as there are often strict deadlines some with strict penalties. This creates a sense of responsibility among the writers. It is a proven fact people work better when not under stress which in mainstream jobs may not be the case as a result of misunderstanding bosses who put pressure on their subordinates. By working as a freelance writer, one can enjoy working in an environment that is not controlled. Most offices do not allow people to smoke in their offices and as a result smokers find it difficult to cope with these working environments. Working as a freelance writer offers one with the opportunity for one to work in the environment they like. Further more, one is not forced to stay with individuals they do not like or whose traits are a bother. For instance some people are naturally noise makers and will disturb even if one is tackling very sensitive matters.

As a freelance writer one can virtually live anywhere in the world and take orders from people across the globe. Most companies conduct competence tests to their potential writers. Once they pass these tests they are allowed to take orders of any articles that their buyers have. We are living in the digital age and the Internet is a very rich resource that people can use to conduct their research. This means that a person who has been equipped with good research skills can get material from the Internet and come up with very good articles provided they are not plagiarized.

By being a freelance writer, one is able to choose the amount of income he or she can earn. A freelancer's income is limited to the amount of hard work they put in their work. In fact, the amount of income increases with increase in their experience as quality is the only limitation to the number of orders one can take. Provided a freelance writer can produce quality articles, they can order more and more and hence increase their income. This is a contrast to may mainstream companies whose pay is fixed and increase their salaries may be yearly or bi-yearly.

It is less expensive to work as a freelance writer as one can work at the comfort of his/her home. As result transportation, lunch, office space expenses are less. The only expenses one has to worry about are that of buying and maintaining a computer, printer, Internet and may be postage charges.

As the English saying goes 'Experience is the best teacher,' as freelance writers do research for their clients, they increase their domain of knowledge and thus increase their professionalism. They are able to solve similar problems in the future even if for personal reasons. They become better writers with time and thus they are able to write better articles hence their productivity increases.

One of the major risks faced by freelance writers is that they do not know who they are working for. This means that there may be some unscrupulous people out there who may take advantage of writers and may be fail to pay them. There are also some websites that ask money from potential writers in order to join their writing community. Some new freelance writers fall into this trap and end up being conned of their money.

In order to be successful as a freelance writer, then one has to be disciplined in terms of planning and following these plans in order to finish their work in time. This is because there are no fixed and supervised working hours but on the contrary, it requires one to meet strict deadlines. This means that the major risk the writers face is the requirement to produce quality articles. If they do not, they loose everything and may even be suspended by the companies they work for.

The salaries that are paid to freelance writers are inconsistent and thus they only get paid for the work they do. Depending on the orders they take, freelance writers will get different paychecks on different occasion. Similarly, their work has to be reviewed and if the articles are found to be of poor quality they may be rejected or even the writers can be penalized financially.

In conclusion, like with many other careers, freelance writers are faced with many opportunities and risks. The advantages of working as a freelance writer far outweigh the risks involved. Freelance writers have to ensure that they are disciplined, meet their deadlines, and know who they are working for and most important produce quality work free from plagiarism.


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