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How to Advance Essay Writing and Academic Research to the Next Level?

Research and writing are key elements to assess the student's knowledge. They are among the most widespread methods to evaluate student's skills and these techniques are implemented at universities and colleges anywhere in the world, regardless of the level of study. Writing at a better level constitutes a real challenge for all students during their study. There has been much training regarding the advancement of students in the field of writing and research. Furthermore, most universities give academic papers to the students in order to develop their research and writing skills, thus this practice continues to be present nowadays.

Initially, to achieve a much higher level of writing, in advance students should be ready and do a much more detailed research on the topic which will be discussed. Among the key points that students should follow for a more advanced writing, they are the choice of a theme, finding information or research, introduction, presentation of the thesis, main body, and conclusion. During the first phase, it is very important to pay close attention to methods of introducing the topic. Thus the reader will be informed what this paper will contain. This is among the most important feature that students must undertake during their writings. The period of getting that information means reviewing the literary and academic texts, articles and various publications on the topic. Students should access the content presented on the topic in order to draw the attention of readers. Presentation of the thesis is another phase where the student has to show the arguments based on the theme content. While the main body needs to be literally the biggest part in the whole essay and conclusion comes as a brief summary of the main outcomes of the essay.

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The all above-mentioned points serve as a better way to increase writing skills among students. While in terms of research, students need to have access to academic libraries and to find more detailed information as to any particular issues also through publications, articles, and different journals. The research is a key element in the academic writing.

Also, essay writing requires original thinking. This implies that students need to create their idea of working even when they obviously use sources of information whether from different books or publications. Also, it requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the themes that will be discussed, as this would affect enormously the level of writing and essay in general. According to recent research, poor layout of time is one of the main factors that make students fail to write which lead to more grammatical errors and poor content. Based on this research, the students have a tendency to postpone their academic work until the deadline or until the last minutes and of course, this negative phenomenon brings negative consequences, starting with an improper introduction, disproportion structure, weak content and grammatical errors. Another positive aspect of managing to write so as to quality is to investigate each side of the argument. The reliance on a single source of information is among practices that are wrong and harmful in academic nature. Always a good student takes into account several sources of information and analyzes the data that derive from those sources.

Research and Writing on different topics are among the main factors to shape student's intellectual development. Furthermore, these methods simultaneously elaborate student's skills through writing and their way of thinking and the concept of different issues through research. This work gave us some of the basic elements of college research and writing and how to improve in order to give the results as satisfactory as possible.

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